Find a team

There are several ways to form your team. You may have your own team joining the hackathon prior to the orientation, or on the orientation dates. Here are 3 ways to connect to the other participants.

1. Devpost

You can also reach out to interesting projects straight through Devpost! Do keep in mind that communication this way is very limited, so we would recommend connecting with your teammates on a different platform too.

2. Openmesh Discord

You are free to find a team using whatever method you prefer. We provide a separate channel for each challenge specifically made to find like-minded individuals to take on the challenge together. It is recommended to mention in your message what relevant skills you possess and what you are looking for. Also, make sure to check out the existing messages to see if one of these catches your interest. Please edit or delete your message when your team is formed in case you don't want any new people contacting you.

3. If you are in Sydney, join the in-person hackathon

We prepared a place for all Sydney participants to hack and collaborate in one place and that is in Tank Stream Labs, Startup Hub, Sydney! Joining the in-person event will be so much fun as well for those in Sydney. Join Openmesh office hours, live workshops, career fair, mentoring sessions, pitch nights, after-party hang outs and much more.

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