Our Core Principles

Openmesh's 8 Commandments

  1. Decentralized Infrastructure as a Foundation: The Core Principles of Openmesh, by design, have no single authority that can alter its data, control how the information is distributed, or decide who can see what and when.

  2. Local Interconnectivity: We focus on enabling direct communication between neighboring nodes, optimizing data routing, file sharing, reducing latency, and improving the efficiency of data sharing.

  3. Accessibility for All: Openmesh data is easily accessible to everyone, anywhere, without the need for registration, KYC, licensing, or payments, regardless of location, background, or technical expertise.

  4. Higher Transparency: All technology, operations, and financials, including salaries and infrastructure costs, are public. Data is securely hashed and openly logged. We invite community involvement in our openly shared roadmap and progress.

  5. Redundancy and Reliability in Network Design: Maintaining the network with multiple data pathways and nodes enhances resilience and ensures continuous data accessibility amidst potential disruptions.

  6. Self-Healing Systems: We prioritize a network capable of automatically adjusting and recovering from changes, ensuring ongoing operation and efficiency without the need for constant human intervention.

  7. Continuous Improvements for Scalability: The network will continue to improve to accommodate growth and diverse data types, ensuring it remains responsive to evolving demands. This is the most difficult and impactful long-term goal.

  8. Community Governance: We believe in a network governed by its community of users, developers, and stakeholders. Decision-making processes are designed to be democratic, aligning with the best interests of the network's health and longevity.


  • Open-source: All the tech we build is open-source, including applications used for data collection, processing, streaming services, core cloud infrastructure, back-end processes, data normalization, enhancement framework, and indexing algorithms.

  • Open Accounting: All the R&D costs and infrastructures, including salaries we pay, are public. We have a real-time display of all the running costs.

  • Open R&D: All the project roadmap and real-time R&D progress are publicly available. Anyone can participate or critique.

  • Open Infra: All our infrastructure monitoring tools, core usage, and analytics are public. The server usage, real-time data ingestion, computation, and service logs are all public.

  • Open Verification: End-to-end data encryption: All data collected and processed by Openmesh stamps cryptographic hashes, including streams, queries, and indexing processes. All the hashes are published into a public ledger for transparency.

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