Opensource contributions

The Openmesh project is dedicated to free and open source software that anybody can contribute to, if you intend on contributing to our software please ensure you understand the vision and purpose of the component that you are modifying.

Openmesh provides several pathways for contributing to the project:

  • Running infrastructure for the network as an Xnode operator

  • Validating data in the network as an Openmesh Validator

  • Joining Circle to discuss the project and wider web3 topics

  • Taking tasks on OpenR&D and making a paid contribution to the project

  • Opening issues on github requesting a feature or reporting a bug

  • Volunteering code contributions through forking and pull-requesting new features or fixes

  • Becoming a Verified Contributor and taking part in the Openmesh governance process

To avoid confusion, Openmesh is a successor of the L3A Protocol which started several years ago. You can read the legacy documentation here:

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