Openmesh APIs is currently under development.

The Openmesh API is developed to work alongside an instance of Openmesh Core to extract data from the network's IPFS layer and serve it to a variety of API implementations, this software is called Openmesh Gateway.

The APIs scoped for implementation (subject to change based on user demand) are:

  • RESTful API for historical data

  • Websocket for real-time live data

Legacy software: Unified APIs

Xnode v3 made use of various software and tools to use the data post-normalization and make it ready for analytics, this pipeline may or may not be reimplemented with the new architecture. Currently, this pipeline is used only for the Pythia prototype.

Users can analyse Openmesh data via a variety of entrypoints that provide unified access to all collected data. These are:

  1. Pythia, an open-source data analytics tool, forked off Apache Superset, which allows for visualizations to be created using data stored in Openmesh databases. Suited for targeted use cases that don’t require the transfer of large amounts of data

  2. A historical data store contained within scalable object storage and served through a Cloudflare CDN. Suited for use cases that require large amounts of historical data

  3. A websockets API that streams live market events in low-latency. Suited for real-time use cases

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